Clip-On Music Stand

Traditionally, music stands have been free-standing; today, however, there are clip-on music stands that are just as good, if not better, than the traditional ones. They can be attached to stands, guitars and other musical instruments. Many players are now choosing them because of how versatile they are. If you are in the market for a music stand you should consider one of these because they come with several benefits.

The first is that they will hold your music right where you want it. With an adjustable arm that can rotate, the clip holds your sheets down at just the right position so that you can focus on your music and your instrument. In addition to that these music stands come with a light attached unlike traditional music stands which require you to buy a separate light to illuminate your music.

Musicians also choose these stands because they don’t comes with the same hassles as traditional ones – you will not have to worry about your clip-on music stand tipping over because it is firmly attached either to a stand or to your instrument. The lights on these stands can be positioned in such a way that there is no LED glare, something that is not always possible with other types of music stands. The lights can work both with batteries and electricity which provides additional convenience.

Lastly, these stands are highly affordable, so much so in fact, that many people who test them end up buying 2 – they have one at home for practice and another at their performance venue so that they don’t have to carry a stand back and forth.

One vendor who comes highly recommended is RatStands. They have a wide variety of clip-on music stands all of which are of the greatest quality. They are able to ship to you anywhere in the world.