Cambridge boarding school

For any parent, the educational success of their children is a priority. Many want their children to learn in a safe and conducive environment that will allow them to achieve their best in studies. Most parents will consider placing their children at boarding schools.  Getting the best boarding facility may not be easy, and thus careful selection of the best college is essential. If you are looking for a Cambridge boarding school, CCSS should be your first choice.
 Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies offers an excellent choice of high quality, supported boarding option each with an individual style and environment.  All the student rooms are well organised with superfast fibre broadband. Most of the rooms also include an en-suite bathroom.
 The boarding houses at CCSS are staffed 24/7, and the students have access to the house at any time. The house managers are employed by CCSS and are a team of well-trained professionals who know students well and whose priority is the welfare and care of the boarding students.
 In their boarding facility, the students can personalize their rooms to fit their taste. They enjoy a great atmosphere, friendship, support and excellent results.
 Some of their house include the Scholars House which is an independent collegiate environment that is popular with students who are aged 16 years and above; Batim House and Hope House both of which are have a family feel which makes them more popular with the international students aged 16 and above; St Barnabas House which is dedicated for students aged 15-17 normally of GCSE or Pre-Program courses.
 With the great facilities found at CCSS, you cannot afford to miss a chance to board in one of the best and well-established colleges in Cambridge. With small-size classes, the students can get the chance of benefiting much from their teachers on an individual level. You also get the chance of exploring the great city of Cambridge.