Best Waterproof Spray for Jackets

Stormsure water repellents are great for protecting jackets and attire. In fact, these amazing products continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.  From raincoats and woolen coats to fleeces and tweeds, Stormproof sprays provide excellent waterproofing and seam sealing. This protects your hats and clothing for years to come -along with tents, synthetics and footwear. These items also work great on wool, leather, polyester, cotton and nylon. With just a few spays, water will easily roll of the surface of your clothing and accessories.
The Stormsure Difference
Stormsure’s Stormproof easily repels water, oil and even soil. This protects your wardrobe from harmful stains and muddy water spots. Similarly, these water-repellent sprays are non-toxics and environmentally-friendly. This means there are no musty odors or chemical smells to worry about. You simply need to spray the repellent evenly on your garments to secure timely and reliable protections. Whether sprayed indoors or outdoors, Stormproof helps protect your clothing from water-based wrinkling and crackling as well. With a full range of products available, you can simply select the spray that will work for you.
Stormsure Product Line
From small portable sprays to large bottles, Stormsure features a full line of products for your convenience. Simply use as directed to ensure timely and lasting results. Their website also has detailed videos, which show you the best ways to evenly spray your garments. While these items are great for keeping clothing waterproof and resistant, they also work well on other materials. This includes camping tents and canvas, along with shoes and footwear. The latter are especially susceptible to water due to shoelace holes and other openings. However, Stormproof can prevent water from seeping in and keep your items nice and dry at all times.
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Water Proofing Spray

Have you ever had something rained on and not dried for days, inconveniencing you a great deal? It happens to most people from time to time, but did you know that you can waterproof common items such as foul weather clothing, raincoats, woollen coats, hats, breathable jackets, fleeces, tweeds, synthetics, tents and footwear? Yes, with a couple of easy steps you can ensure that however wet the weather gets you don’t have to worry about dealing with soggy items. Weatherproofing is easy; all you need is the item that you want to waterproof and a good weatherproof spray. It takes just about ten minutes, and then you have to wait for about four hours for the spray to dry and you have a fully weatherproof item.

Lay the item flat on piece of cardboard and then spray it with the waterproof spray, holding it about eight inches away. Make sure to overlap each line you spray so that you don’t leave any areas prone to soaking. Do not spray too heavily – you risk compromising the fabric. Make sure that you spray on all sides and in the seams as well. Leave the item to dry for four hours and then give it a second coat.

If you don’t know whether an item needs waterproofing you can easily find out by putting a drop of water on it. If it is porous the water will get absorbed and the area will turn dark.

There are many different waterproofing sprays in the market and there are some that work better than others. We recommend that you choose a product from Stormsure, one of the best suppliers of waterproofing sprays. They have a variety of products that you can use on different items, and they are all non-toxic and do not leave a smell. You can find out more on