Scientific Marketing

You have made several scientific discoveries in the past that you think could have been very useful in some circles but nothing ever came of them. Could it be that you didn’t market them in the right way? Many scientists, despite being extremely smart, don’t make much money in the lifetimes because their discoveries never get out of their labs. While you may not be doing science for money, what is the point of making discoveries that you will never sell? It is important to get your discoveries out to people whom they can benefit and the only way you can do that is by working with the right scientific marketing company.
But how do you know which one is the right one? There are many PR companies everywhere you look, but they may not have the skills to work with your discovery and help sell it. To know whether you have the right PR firm ask the following:
What will your strategy be? – this is a question that they need to answer rather comprehensively and they can only do this if they understand your product or discovery well. They should be able to lay out a tangible plan that they intent to implement to market your invention.
What are your plans regarding a media strategy? – the fastest way to sell your invention is through the media. If you can get radio, TV and newspapers to talk about it then you will be well on your way. A good scientific marketing firm has strong relationships in media that they can exploit to help their clients.
Do you have a strong online marketing plan? – you will not achieve much if you don’t have a string online presence, so this area needs to be well and comprehensively covered.
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