Interesting Facts About Lasers

Lasers are machines which make amplified, single-color source of light. They are different from the flash light or light bulb. Lasers produces very narrow light beam. They are really colored, bright torches. The light from the lasers are monochromatic, which consist of one wavelength. This light useful for many instruments and technologies even some which you may use at home. there are many interesting facts about lasers.

Lasers light are coherent that means all light coming out have one direction and their rays in phase and are parallel to one another. You may think of this like the waves which are in the sea being all parallel to one another and having the peak at one position as a peak in a neighboring wave. Because of this, all waves enhance one another making the bigger or to this case, the brighter wave. This becomes the reason why the lasers are brighter than the standard torch in every unit area. When you do the comparison, torch gives light which spreads in every direction and it consists of many colors.

Lasers are different but have something in common, which is that they work using the process called stimulated emission. Actually, this is when the electrons in the material are being excited to the higher levels of energy within the atom and then obliged to go down to the lower levels of energy. This result to the photons emission. In a case of the lasers, these photons have same wavelength and the energy. This become the reason you do not see the laser pointers which are white. These photons after this cause the cascade of the other photons since they force the other excited electrons so that they can drop down to produce extra photons. The process continues to make bright light which are real.

There are many uses of lasers. They are being used in the precision tools and to cut thick metal or diamonds. They can be designed to assist in the delicate surgeries. They are being used to record and retrieve information. Lasers are used in the communication and to carry internet and TV signals. They can also be found in bar code scanners, DVD players, and laser printers. They also assist to make computers parts and other electronics parts.

Lasers are used in the instruments named spectrometers. The spectrometers can assist scientists to understand what thing is made of. For instance, Curiosity rover uses lasers spectrometer to view the chemical type in the particular rocks on Mars.

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