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It’s now possible to build entire marketing companies around specific niches. People will talk today about how it seems as if all people in all field will focus on specific niches. This is certainly the case in the sciences, even when it comes to specific disciplines within the sciences. However, it is also the case for the world of marketing. Even in the world of science marketing, it is possible to find niches within niches.
People need to use different marketing strategies when they try to sell any product. Something that works for restaurant marketing is not necessarily going to work for retail marketing, for instance. Similarly, something that makes sense in the context of life science marketing might not work for information technology marketing. It’s often difficult for people to come up with different marketing strategies intuitively, and this is one of the reasons why people need to do the right amount of research in order to truly understand what is going to work and what is going to lead to dead ends.
One of the great things about science marketing is that a lot of the progress can be measured objectively. Coming up with objective marketing data has become easier than ever in a world where there is a lot of Internet and user data available. Many people are now interested in finding a way to gain insights from these sorts of facts, especially if they have struggled with coming up with marketing data in the past. Some strategies will help to get scientists more funding, and some will not. This is the case with a lot of other projects within the sciences. Even measuring the reactions of the general public can be easier now, since people can look at the number of views an article gets.

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