Private Sixth Forms

Your child will be joining sixth form soon and you have decided that you want them enrolled in private sixth forms. Where do you start? This can be quite a challenge considering that you reside in another country. However, there are many parents who have children in private sixth forms in the UK and they are doing just fine.
The first thing you should do is discuss the decision of a U sixth form with your child. They will be far away from home – thousands of miles – and they may be unwilling to leave home and travel such a long distance to a country where they don’t know anyone. You can talk to them about the benefits of going to such a school and also the fact that there are many foreign students. The best private sixth form schools also take special care of foreign students so that they are never left alone to face challenges.
You can go through the process of choosing a school together. The most important thing is obviously the academic performance of the school, so you should find out how the schools you have in mind have been performing over the last several years. the best schools are those that are able to send most of their students to university every year.
You should also discuss the subjects that your child will take. All children are different and you need to let your child choose subjects that they are interesting to them. Let them know that the subjects will influence the courses that they take in university, so they should choose with that in mind.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it is one of the best sixth form schools for foreign students. You can find out more on

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