PR Company

The last time you hired a PR company you were hugely disappointed – they strung you along for months and were not able to deliver any significant results. This happens quite often; people who have no experience with PR companies hire the first smooth-talking one that comes along only to regret it later. PR companies come in all shapes and sizes and you have to be very careful when you hire or you will end up with one that will waste your time and money.
The first thing that you should look at is the kind of PR that the company that you have in mind does. In fact you can ask 2 or 3 to tender their proposals so that you can compare them side by side. The best PR company will be one that has experience in your particular niche. Make sure that you look at how the company has performed in the past. You should ask for several references and when you talk to them find out whether they are happy with the results they get.
You should come up with a very clear agreement before you hire a PR company. Let them tell you what they can deliver and in what timeframe. Get everything done in writing so that if they fail to produce results a promised you can get rid of them.
Lots of PR companies will send one person to recruit the client only to hand the work over to another. It is very important that you meet her person who will be managing your account – they should be part of all discussions.
Try Quite Great – it is an excellent PR company with experience in lots of different areas. It has been operational for more than 2 decades and has great results to show for it. Get in touch with them through

Crane Hire Cambridge

Finding the right crane hire in Cambridge for your project may not be as easy as it sounds – although there are several companies that offer crane services in the area not all of them can provide what you are looking for. You cannot afford to take any chances when hiring heavy equipment, so it is very important to do some research before you get started. Here are some important things to look into before you sign any contracts:
• Different cranes are designed for different uses. If you are looking for a crane for construction work you should hire a mobile crane, but if you want one for architectural work then a tower crane is more suited. Find a company that has the right crane for the kind of work you are looking to do.
• There are two types of crane contracts that you can sign depending on whether you have someone to operate the crane or not. If you have a qualified and experienced CPS on hand who will operate the crane for you the best company to hire from is one that will give you a CPA contract. If, however, you need the crane hire company to supply an operator you should be looking to sign an NMT contract.
• Look into what kind of insurance you will need before you hire the crane. You need to cover everyone who will be working within the vicinity of the crane, members of the public as well as any machinery or equipment that will be used by the crane.
• Make sure that you are dealing with a reliable company – their cranes should be in great condition and in case there is a problem they should be on hand to help out.
One that comes highly recommended is RJ Crane Hire. Their services cover Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. You can find out how to get in touch with them through their website,

Taxis In Bury St Edmunds

Your experience with taxis in Bury St Edmunds has been less than satisfactory – the rides have been slow, the cabs have been dirty, the drivers not quite professional and you can confidently say that you are not very impressed. Does this mean that you should be looking for alternative means of transport? Not quite. Your problem is that you hail the first cab that you come across. This is not the best way to hail a taxi in Bury St Edmunds if you are looking for a comfortable, classy ride. You have to be more discerning if you want to find a cab company that is worth the fare that you pay. What should you do?
To be sure that you find the best cab company you ought to take some time and look at taxi companies in the area. You can find them online, or you can check in the Yellow Pages. You can pick 4 or 5 of the top 10 cab companies and then compare them to find one that offers what you are looking for.
The most important thing is safety of course – make sure to check whether the cab companies that you are looking into have had any accidents in the past. You can check online to see whether there are any reports of accidents. After safety comes reliability – the best cab companies make sure that they are there at the appointed time. The age of the fleet matters – if you choose a cab company that has an ageing fleet you can expect the taxis to be dirty and they may even break down once in a while.
Choose Style Taxis – it is one of the best cab companies in Bury St Edmund, and you can expect to travel safely and in style every time. Find out more on

Top Academic Boarding Schools

It is important that you perform well academically – you know what you want to study, and you need to get into a top university to do it. One way to improve your chances of getting into the career of your choice is to study in one of the top academic boarding schools in the UK. Before you enrol yourself here are a few things that you ought to look into:
• Performance in A levels is obviously very important. Every year the performance of all top schools is published, so you should get hold of the relevant documents and see which schools are consistently at the top. As you look at these schools you should bear in mind that the schools that perform best are almost always expensive. If you have a limited budget don’t be discouraged – there are schools down the list that are affordable and that still give you an excellent chance at good grades.
• Look into the faculty – who are they and where have they taught before? What has been their track record when it comes to helping students achieve their goals? What is their style of teaching – do they allow students to learn by exploring, or do they prefer to teach students by rote? Are they strict or lax teachers who are open to students’ opinions?
• Find out about the class sizes of the schools you have in mind. The optimum class size has been described as between 15 and 20 students – more than that and the teacher doesn’t have time for all the learners and smaller than that and there isn’t a varied and healthy exchange f ideas.
One school which meets all these criteria is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it consistently performs well, has a great faculty and a small class size. Find out how to enrol on