The Leading Marketing Service in Cambridge

How can marketing help your business located in Cambridge? Marketing can change negative or outdated perceptions of your small business. A great marketing strategy can improve visibility within your market and help you attract potential clients that you can covert. In short, marketing assists your business grow.
The more new clients you gain via marketing, the higher the chances your business will grow since those clients will either promote you or share with others what your business is all about. Here at Blue Lizard Marketing, we can market your business, make it grow and move to the next level. We are the best marketing Cambridge based company and we’re equipped with the right professionalism and tools to make sure your business performance improves significantly. Whether you want to increase foot traffic, introduce new products or generate leads, we have you covered.
The Leading Marketing Service in Cambridge
Our business Blue Lizard Marketing is located in Cambridge. We are an experienced marketing company providing a wide array of services to small and established businesses in Cambridge and the surrounding region. We specialize in marketing, freelance PR, digital and creative support and services. Whether you are an intermediate, amateur or established entrepreneur, our marketing Cambridge based team has the solutions you need to take your trade to the next level.
Appropriate Marketing Tools and Techniques
We are undoubtedly the most suitable marketing Cambridge based firm that utilizes the most appropriate marketing tools and techniques. Our team of experts understands the relationship between your product and its loyal clients and thus will apply their inordinate skills to enhance the relation between the both.
We will handle your marketing project with the professionalism and expertise which the job demands to make sure you are satisfied and very happy with the outcomes. Call us today to learn how our marketing strategy will help your business grow.
We Engage your Clients
Imagine a current or potential client reaching out to you via social media and there is no one to respond. That definitely will be a terrible thing. Now imagine your clients reach out and their issues are quickly addressed. Once your clients’ needs are addressed quickly, they will become evangelists for your trade and share their testimonials online.
It is important therefore you start transforming your clients into brand evangelists if you want your business to boom. Call us now and we will give you solutions that will make your clients have a fantastic experience any time they reach out to you via social media.
Search Engine Optimization
We have top-notch SEO techniques that will increase the chances for your trade to be located in search outcomes on major search engines such as Bing and Google. Here at Blue Lizard Marketing, we provide a full array of best SEO solutions to assist your business.
Digital Marketing Solutions that Work
We will help you locate the best online based marketing platforms that suit your market, business, and specific customer needs.
Work With Pros
Here at Blue Lizard Marketing, we help you build and execute a great marketing plan. Call us today and we will help you build a marketing plan which is right for you.

Outsource Your Marketing Function | Focus on Your Core

You had always been a prodigy with lots of ideas. At last, you were able to start on your own. You have a robust business plan. Your venture is ready for take-off. You are, however, still skeptical about one aspect of your business. The marketing aspect! Who will handle your marketing activities? You need to outsource, which happens to be a smart solution. Freelance marketing communications is the order of the day.
Why you should outsource
Marketing is vast. You don’t have the bandwidth.
The customer journey does not follow a said pattern. You need to undertake several marketing activities simultaneously. If you neglect any aspect, your competitors will barge ahead. This requires you to depute staff with different skills. You need to deploy the agencies which can undertake the specific elements of the marketing function. This requires you to interact with numerous agencies parallelly. However, it allows you to create an integrated marketing function that meets your budget.
How do I generate so many ideas?
When you started, you were able to focus on your marketing efforts yourself. Now, your business has grown. You need to focus on more critical aspects of your business. Who will generate those ideas? Who will ensure that the target market views your company as a thought leader? Your marketing partners will break this rut. They can provide a fresh perspective and improve your marketing mix.
How do I handle a new department?
Your organization is still nascent. Still, do you need to recruit a full-blown marketing department? There are numerous drawbacks. What about the overheads? What about hiring costs? You need to minimize the overheads. It is best to outsource without overwhelming your business.
Access to the latest strategies
Your marketing partners are experts. They have access to the newest marketing trends. They are always trying out new ideas and trying to transfer the best practices across their clients. They bring in fresher aspects and perspectives that you may have never thought about. Your partners can identify transferable capabilities and create unique opportunities for their clients from diverse industries.
The marketing function is more efficient
You need to measure the department’s efficiency. There must be well-defined, measurable KPIs. The agencies have a team of subject matter experts who are deft at handling different aspects of marketing. They measure their activities against definable KPIs. In this way, you can have an overview of your business through dashboards and reports.
Optimize your marketing budget
You can tweak your marketing spend as per your budget. You would not need to allocate equal amounts of investment across all departments of marketing. You can now pick and choose based on the monthly reports.
How to choose your freelance marketing communications partner
Now comes the most challenging activity of all! How do you select your freelance marketing communications partner? What are the KPIs to zero down on your preferred partner? Some of the parameters that could help you are below.
• Reputation
• Client list and testimonials
• Portfolio of services
• Size of the organization
• Pricing models
• Payment terms
You need to ensure the optimal utilization of your resources. Keeping this in mind, you need an economical solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of going online. Every company would like to be your marketing partner. However, do they have the credentials? Will they be able to help in your path towards growth? Your best partner would be someone who would collaborate with you and ensure growth.

School Counselor Degree Programs

School Degree application start, and actual attendance present extensively greater challenges a learner, parent or educator sometimes expect. Increasingly complex school programs and study environments impact on the manner in which individuals psychologically deal with their career planning responsibilities. To remove additional unknown stresses experienced by parents, educators, and students, our company present school counselor degree programs. Our programs aim at offering parents, children and educators with additional encouragement and support. The process allows for supplementary education development and support required by the learner, parents, and educators. The complexity of a college application process can cause the student to become negative and non-interested to pursue their future careers. The outcome of uninformed decision-making impacts learners’ future prospects that can become challenging. Our counselor program guides parents and students to enter suitable schooling syllabus tailored to meet the needs of the learner.
Some key programs we present include the following:
•Providing special talent support to students interested in art, music, architecture, academics, or other technical subjects. The counselor program guides students who comprise exceptional performances in their different fields and needs attendance at schools who accommodate unique educational interests. Our counselor program involves a clear analysis of the student’s skills, identification of suitable institutions and support with the actual enrollment at the schools.
•Special guidance to students who present a specific interest in athletics or other sports. Our programs assist parents and students to identify an institution that will advance their distinct sports talents, promote their performances and provide them with the opportunities to take part in national or international type events. We believe a provision of continuous guidance by an institution may generate a unique career for the learner and advance their educational capabilities.
•Some students present learning difficulties and by adding special care, the learner could reach elevated levels of success and advancement in their careers. Our program focuses on spending time with the student, understanding the diverse complexities and providing special support by assisting with scientifically developed study methodologies. The aim of the program focuses on the distinctiveness of the learner, types of complexities and the encouragement required to accommodate the student’s special needs.
•Our counselor programs include negotiations with various educational institutions to assist students with taking part in specialized, enriched, or extended testing periods. Learner characteristics vary and each individual reacts differently to an exam environment. Our team can assist with making the testing location more suitable to the students’ personalities, and testing environment necessities. Our experiences in the education field allow us to negotiate certain testing milieus and promote advancement of the student’s testing performance.
Our school counselor programs introduce the process by scheduling a face-to-face meeting with the learner and parents. Thereafter, the focus shifts to discuss the counselor program options with the student and decide on preferred institutional support. The psychological aspect of school program guidance plays a key role in the manner in which we approach the individual’s needs. Our school counselor degree programs focus on an ethical and confidentiality approach, especially with students who feel sensitive about the educational challenges they face. Our methods provide additional support that allows for an enhanced schooling career and an optimistic future for the learner.

College Admissions Help

High school can be an overwhelming time for students because of pressures to perform well on standardized tests, stay on top of their current coursework, obtain volunteer service hours, and participate in extracurricular activities.
On top of keeping up with their busy day to day schedule, your student may be interested in seeking acceptance to multiple universities. Upon acceptance, they will be provided with a variety of potential routes for pursuing their collegiate educational experience. The college admissions process can be a grueling one, no matter the type of college your child is looking to attend. Undoubtedly, you want to help your child get into their dream college in any way that you can. However, you may be unsure of where to begin with the seemingly daunting college admissions process. Luckily, Danielle at College admission consultant is available to offer college admissions help for soon-to-be high school graduates. Her years of experience in helping students get admitted to colleges around the country have prepared her to help your child achieve their educational goals.
Your child may hold a clear picture of their future in their mind, but may be unsure of what steps to take to make these goals into reality. College admission consultant is here to offer assistance with our college admissions help. We understand that each child has unique goals, skill sets, strengths, and mindsets, so we adapt to their needs and ensure they are getting personalized college admissions help.
Danielle will listen to your child’s specific educational and career goals in order to help them determine the best course of action for their collegiate education. She will suggest colleges to apply to after providing your student with a detailed summary of different colleges’ profiles, to include the chances of being admitted, acclaimed professors present at each college, and other important details worth considering.
Meeting deadlines throughout the college admissions process can be stressful without the assistance of a professional. Danielle will ensure that your student obtains the appropriate letters of recommendation in a timely manner, as well as submits general applications and essays well before their deadlines.
One important aspect of the college admissions process is submitting a persuasive and polished personal essay, balanced with details, evidence, and emotion. Danielle will examine the requirements of each colleges’ essays and ensure that your student fully answers every aspect of the assigned topics. Danielle will assist with multiple revisions of your child’s work to produce well-written essays that will leave a lasting impression on college representatives.
Danielle will emphasize your child’s strengths throughout all stages of the college admissions process. These strengths will be highlighted in their personal essays, as well as within the actual application. Danielle will help your child decide on which colleges to apply based on your child’s intended major and preferred institution type, whether it be a public, private, liberal arts, or community college.
Your child will appreciate having an educated professional at their side throughout the college admissions process. Choosing college admission consultant will allow your child to work with a knowledgeable mentor who is dedicated to seeing her clients succeed.